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Movie: Green Lantern

The ring chose you. This might be the most peculiar statement one would encounter in this universe. But in the case of Green Lantern, it’s not.

I was able to watch Green Lantern last Friday. Having seen the trailer for the first time before, I felt a bit hesitant to watch it in a movie theater, as it may have just been a waste of money. I have never encountered this Green Lantern superhero in the past. What his superpower was, I did not bother knowing. When I watched the Big Bang Theory series, it was only then that the “Green Lantern” name was mentioned a few times. The concept of a mystical green ring and lantern as its source of power/energy, as well as the green costume, did nothing to impress me. Even then, I still did not try knowing what kind of power the ring possesses. After all, he was not as famous as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and the like. I deemed him as a minor superhero. You get the point, unless you’re a Green Lantern fan.

As all of you might already know, the Green Lantern movie was a film adaptation of Green Lantern comic book created by DC Comics. The movie received mixed reviews from the people. Some were disappointed, while some thought it was actually good. Since the movie was based on comics, I guess people were kind of expecting that the storyline of the movie would be similar to that of the comics. However, as always, books are better than their film adaptations – given that books provide more details and a meaningful avenue for the utilization of the readers’ imagination.

It was a good thing I gave the movie the benefit of the doubt. In the end, found the movie quite entertaining, with a mixture of comedy and action. Sufficient information that audiences need to know was also well-disclosed in the movie, although I am not sure if it was disclosed adequately or was overdone a bit as I have not read the comic book series. But, I’m happy to say I learned a lot. I realized that a species being chosen by the ring requires a lot of responsibility. You might ask: What’s with the green color? Green was considered as the color of will. According to Tomar-Re (a character from the movie), “The Guardians harassed will, because it’s the strongest source of energy in the universe.” What about the lantern? From what I understood, the lantern served as the energy battery for the ring. Once the ring touches the lantern, energy is transmitted from the lantern to the ring. Without this energy, the ring will not perform at its fullest. So how powerful is the ring, you might ask. One can only wear the ring if he is without fear. With the use of the ring, a person can turn his thoughts into reality at his will. This requires a higher level of one’s imaginative skill because the ring’s limits are only what you can imagine. So even an object as small as a ring, one should never underestimate its capability.

This movie seems to be a little bit philosophical, doesn’t it? Meanings of “without fear” and “courage” were also differentiated. The movie showed that a person without fear doesn’t mean that he has courage. To have courage is to humbly accept one’s weakness which is the primary key to overcome fear. Hal Jordan was able to defeat Parallax on his own because he knew he was afraid, and yet he accepted this fact which made him become stronger. (I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that Hal was the only one who defeated the enemy. I was expecting more action wherein all green lanterns will combine forces to fight against Parallax. So much for expectations, haha! Oh well.) But on the brighter side, I love how the movie conveyed meaning regarding our human limits – that even though all knowledge can’t be contained in our minds, this weakness has become our strength.

The movie ended with this statement that is surely worth pondering:

“Of all the Lanterns who have ever worn the ring, there was one whose light shined brightest. At first, his humanity was thought to be weakness, and yet it proved to be his greatest strength.”

Keep the light burning!