The 32nd Manila International Book Fair

This year, The Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) celebrated its 32nd Anniversary in the Philippines. It was said to be the longest running book fair in the country as the event was held for five (5) days every month of September. The book fair was located in SMX Convention Center near SM’s Mall of Asia and was held from September 14 to 18, 2011.

My sister and I attended the book fair on its last day event. We decided to go there in the morning so as to avoid the thickening of the crowds during afternoon. It was our first time to visit MIBF. I was actually aware of the yearly event of MIBF, but as much as I wanted to go, school works got in the way. So gratefully, after months of waiting, my dream of attending a book fair finally came true.

The people weren’t that many yet so it was not crowded.

And I noticed that National Bookstore took up the largest space compared to all other exhibitors.

I had a few books in mind to buy, but apparently, none of the exhibitors have it. Despite my hapless book buying adventure, my sister was able to buy The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and the graphic novel version of the Nancy Drew book series. It was only during that day when I found out about the film adaptation of The Three Musketeers as evidently, the book my sister bought was the movie tie-in edition. The movie was slated for release this year, although I’m unsure of the exact date. I have yet to watch the trailer.

I enjoy going to book fairs. Just seeing books displayed on bookshelves and browsing through them to smell the aroma of newly opened books adequately satisfied me for more than a day’s worth despite not buying a book to take home myself.  As a reader and a recent emerging book blogger, my book buying habits have changed because of the book bloggers I follow. However, I still do not perceive myself as a spontaneous book buyer. I want to make sure if a certain book is worth buying and reading. In fact, I usually read the plot description first if it interests me before deciding to buy a book. Nevertheless, I’m thankful that I discovered the book blogosphere. Without them, I may not have ventured out of my comfort-reads or the must-have works of my few favorite authors. Somehow, book blogging and following fellow book bloggers made me appreciate books more.

Aside from this book fair, there were also co-located events happening at the SMX Convention Center. Being an avid Animé fan, my sister planned to attend “The Best of Animé 2011” located at the upper floor. It was a fun experience because we had seen some people who joined the cosplay contest and they perfectly portrayed their chosen Animé characters through their costumes, make-ups, wigs, and other accessories and/or weapons. I was not able to recognize all the Animé characters the people were portraying except some characters from the show Naruto.

I took this picture while my sister and I were on our way up to the Animé event. Pay attention to the two girls on the lower part of the image. They’re cosplayers.

We didn’t stay long in the book fair as we finished touring the whole exhibit and planned to eat lunch at home. But all in all, The Manila International Book Fair is an event worth revisiting every year. I will definitely attend the 33rd Manila International Book Fair next year and hopefully, buy something I’ll end up enjoy reading.

Indeed, this book fair promotes the love for reading of Filipinos young and old. Nothing can truly defeat the power of the written word.


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