The Man in the Moon by William Joyce

A few days ago, I bought a recent work of William Joyce entitled The Man in the Moon. It’s a children’s book – the first of the proposed book series, to consist of both children’s book and chapter books, of The Guardians of Childhood.

Reminiscing the days when our parents introduced us to the famous fairy tale characters such as Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy, I can’t help wishing to revisit those moments again even just for a while. Although their existence was not meant literally, it still feels so nostalgic having us indulged into the world of pure imagination. This was what the book did to me as I finished reading it.

In summary, the book mainly described how the man in the moon, AKA MiM, was named as such. It was also explained how our planet Earth had its own moon and how the moon lit up and gave light to our planet during nighttime. MiM was the first among the Guardians of Childhood to fight against darkness as he never gave up making the hopes and dreams of Earth children come true. The other Guardians of Childhood include Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Sandman, and even Mother Goose.

The reason why I picked up this book was because I recently read from an article in the internet that there will be an animated film based from this book series. I was immediately intrigued by the story since the characters from different fairy tale traditions are joined together.

Overall, the story was a fun and short read coupled with amazing illustrations drawn by the talented William Joyce himself. The details of the illustrations were finished with great scrutiny that I admired the drawings in awe for several minutes. Somehow, these actually complemented the written word as they added magic to his story and provided a significant tool to better understand MiM’s world and the situation he was in. William Joyce certainly proved that children’s books are never to be neglected or taken for granted by adults. Lessons can be learned and symbolisms added depth to the story. I definitely couldn’t wait for the rest of the series. I’m looking forward to more of William Joyce’s works.

Here are some of the illustrations from the book that I took a shot from my camera:


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