MV Logos Hope: A Floating Library Adventure

A few months ago, I suddenly thought of the Doulos Ship and wondered when it will visit Manila again. I, then, surfed through the internet to gather some information about it and found out that Doulos is non-existent already. What replaced this ship is the MV Logos Hope.

MV Logos Hope docked first in Cebu sometime in January this year until mid-February. I got very excited that I researched more to find out if it will come to Manila. I couldn’t find anything yet, but with much patience, I finally found a certain website specifying and confirming the schedule of its arrival in Manila. It’s been more than ten (10) years since I’ve been to a floating book fair and I just couldn’t let this opportunity slip again. I kept telling myself that I must certainly visit MV Logos Hope.

My initial plan was to visit the ship with my friend sometime early March, but yesterday, around 7:30am, my mom suddenly came barging into our room to invite my sisters and me to come with her to visit the ship. My sisters couldn’t go, so my mom and I were the only ones able to go.

The MV Logos Hope is docked in Manila South Harbor. Going there is kind of difficult because of vehicle congestion. I guess it took us around an hour to reach the ship. Upon our arrival, the sky started to darken more. My mom and I forgot to bring down our umbrellas from the car. Good thing we entered the ship just in time when it began to drizzle.

It wasn’t that crowded when we entered the ship. I was actually expecting that a lot of people will be going given that it’s a weekend. Anyway, moving on, once on board, visitors are given five (5) different stages to get an experience of the ship. The first one, the Lifeboat Theater, is where the guests will learn about what it’s like to live on the ship. Afterwards, they can explore the illustrated history of GBA ships.

The next stage is where all visitors are greatly looking forward to – the Book Fair. This stage actually takes up more space than the others. The visitors will be indulged in this section filled with books. The variety of books displayed on the shelf is far different than what we normally see in bookstores. The genres range from fiction, children’s books, biographies, and cook books to spiritual books and music.

There are so many books to choose from, but I don’t want my impulsive buying behavior to overcome me, so I just bought books that look promising and will surely be read. The prices of books are very affordable as they are based on the number of units indicated on the book. For example, if a book costs 100 units, then it’s priced at Php100.

After which, visitors will be transported to the third stage, the Journey of Life. It’s a story about a prodigal son conveying a message of how our choices and decisions affect our lives. I wasn’t able to take pictures of it, but I can assure you that it’s a short yet enjoyable walk. The walls are painted with illustrations where visitors can stop, appreciate, and reflect on them. A background voice guides the visitors throughout the story.

And lastly, the final stage is the International Café where visitors can rest and enjoy eating some snacks before heading home.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip to MV Logos Hope. It’s really nice to know that even though the volunteers are not greatly compensated, they still devote their lives to bring knowledge, help, and hope to the people of the world, as well as to spread the Word of God through this amazing floating library. I will definitely look forward to its future visits in Manila.

Located in Manila South Harbor, the MV Logos Hope is open to public from February 17, 2012 to March 13, 2012 from 10:30am – 9:30pm during Tuesdays to Saturdays, and from 1:00pm to 9:30pm during Sundays.  An entrance fee of Php20 is required for visitors over 13 years old.


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