When I See You by Katherine Owen

Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since my last post – I apologize for the delay. Work got busier and one of our dogs suddenly became ill, so I have to attend to him more than usual. For me, that meant getting up earlier than I used to and ending up sleeping early due to tiredness. But of course, I managed to sneak in a few readings here and there despite my reading slump that came with the unfortunate events happened. Good thing I overcame it immediately.

I ordered When I See You by Katherine Owen a few months ago and the book just arrived this month. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this book already, so when I got the book, I set aside the other to-be-read books first. Here’s the plot description of the book:

He breaks his promise,

more than once.

He makes another.

Will she believe him?

Can he keep it?

Jordan Holloway and Brock Wainwright share a past connection and devastating loss that intricately ties them to one another. But now, both must find their way to a new and different life and discover for themselves that moving on begins with letting go, making promises, and keeping them, most of all.

At one point in life, we all get to experience death of a person close to our hearts. This feeling of grief after losing someone you love is inescapable and unbearable. And each of us has our own way on how to cope with it.

In Jordan’s case, she tries to bury her pain deep inside her and pretend that everything’s fine. I don’t think I can handle her sufferings if I were in her situation. All the things she has gone through – they’re just too much to bear. On the other hand, though, as I am given the opportunity to get a glimpse of her inner thoughts, I come to admire Jordan’s strength as she battles the inevitable reality of pain. She’s also fortunate to be surrounded by loving and caring people to help her stay sane and grounded.

As much as this story is about Jordan, Brock plays a significant role in it, too. The alternating point of views of Jordan and Brock actually helps in making readers better understand their feelings. Both Brock and Jordan share the same loss of the person they love and this connection surprisingly intertwines their lives. With this said, the story slowly unfolds the beginnings of their evident attraction to one another. There may be struggles at one point, but all ends well.

As the story progresses, Brock loses his sight, literally, during his tour in Afghanistan with Ethan, and his blindness seems to send readers a figurative meaning, too. One way or another, I guess him losing sight shows how he’s still in denial of the unfortunate reality that has happened, as well as the fact that he’s not ready to see Jordan yet in ways he wants it to be. I also understand Brock’s helplessness over his blindness. It becomes hard to do the normal things a person does once he is stripped from any of his senses. I guess this gives readers a message not to take their very person for granted.

Moving on, I would also like to discuss about Brock and Ethan. Despite being best of friends and having each other’s backs, Ethan and Brock possess different personalities. It’s hard to choose which of the two is better than the other because both of them show how they love Jordan in their own unique ways. There are moments, though, that they act like jerks, but I guess relationships aren’t always perfect. And sometimes, it takes enough risks to prove how much you love a person. For me, I may be biased, but what Brock and Jordan have contains a richer form of love than what Jordan had with Ethan. The simple and grand gestures Brock does for Jordan makes me feel giddy inside and I become hopeful that I could find a person like him in this world.

I really love the fact that the characters are created realistic enough to be relatable to the readers. Each character is portrayed uniquely with varied personalities – from the care-free Ashleigh, devastated-yet-loving Jordan, to innocent and thoughtful Max and hateful Kate. The storyline is also believable. There may be too many deaths, but it is overcome by the happiness that forms towards the end of the book. The word promise is given importance here as well – a word which can’t be taken too lightly, that once used, every word is meant to be kept sincerely.

Katherine Owen truly has a way of choosing the right words to perfectly capture the mood of the scenes. It makes me savor every sentence, preserve it, and bring it alive in my imagination. Moreover, her detailed description of the surroundings make me want to visit the places mentioned in the book, especially the beach house in Malibu, the Wainwright’s ranch, as well as the Lazy J. Oh, how I wish I could experience living in each place even just for one day.

Overall, When I See You is worth the read. Readers will laugh with the characters, feel their pains, and cry with them. They will surely be engulfed by these waves of emotions that the author has set. I really enjoyed reading every bit of it. This book will not disappoint you.


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