The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan

As I anticipate the release of The Mark of Athena, I’m glad that The Demigod Diaries was published a few weeks ago. At least I have this book to set my mind to, instead of the agony I feel while waiting for the release date of The Mark of Athena. It’s just that the more excited I get, the more time passes by so slowly.

Anyway, moving on, here’s the plot description from the back cover of the book:

Young Demigods,

Your Destiny Awaits!

You must prepare yourself for a difficult future: fighting monsters, adventuring across the globe, and dealing with temperamental Greek and Roman gods. In this top secret collection of four never-before-told stories, character portraits and interviews, maps, diagrams, and puzzles from Camp Half-Blood Senior Scribe Rick Riordan, you’ll join your favorite demigods from the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series as they face dangerous foes and perilous tasks. What you learn from their experiences could very well save your life!

The Demigod Diaries consists of four different stories, with the first three written by Rick Riordan, while the last story written by his son, Haley Riordan. I will be reviewing this book by discussing each story.

Entitled The Diary of Luke Castellan, the first story takes place before the Percy Jackson series. It talks about one of the significant adventures of Luke and Thalia and how they encounter Annabeth. In this story, Luke and Thalia happen to meet one of Apollo’s sons, Halcyon Green, a demigod who has a gift of foretelling the future. With this said, the futures of Thalia and Luke are disclosed which are connected to the major series of Percy Jackson. Some Greek creatures we’ve never encountered in the previous books before appear on this one, too. Moreover, it is evident that the feeling of anguish is prominent among the characters due to their failed family relationship which made them feel unwanted. It’s nice to read something that uses Luke’s POV because readers get to understand his feelings and thoughts.

The second story, Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes, is about Percy and Annabeth’s quest to retrieve Hermes’ staff, the caduceus, which got stolen by Cacus, a small giant. This story happens during the time between The Last Olympian and The Lost Hero. Percy and Annabeth are now dating and officially together, and they actually make a good couple. Percy still has his humoristic attribute and I find myself rooting for them. l like how their relationship moves to the next level where they become romantic towards each other. This is one side of Percy and Annabeth’s story I’d definitely love to read about. One way or another, at least they get to experience what normal teenagers do as they go through dates and the likes. But then again, normal is not likely to be part of their everyday life permanently.

Moving on to the third story entitled Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford, it’s now about Leo, Jason, and Piper’s adventure to search for Buford (Leo’s walking table) for a limited time as it holds an important item that will determine the fate of Bunker 9. Leo is also in the middle of building the Argo II which will eventually play a major role in the Heroes of Olympus series. But of course, in every story, there’s a conflict and Rick Riordan is not kind enough to give the demigods a petty conflict. Who knew that they would encounter the dangerous maenads? Will they make it? It’s for you to find out.

And lastly, the fourth and final story, The Son of Magic, is written by Rick Riordan’s son, Haley Riordan. It’s different from the first three stories as it centers on different characters we’ve never known before. Dr. Claymore is a normal person who happens to meet a demigod named Alabaster. He also meets Lamia, who is in search for Alabaster in order to kill him. The struggle Dr. Claymore faces is definitely evident since he’s witnessing something that he thought never existed. The twist on this one will certainly surprise the readers.

Overall, the combined spin-off stories for this book and how they’re amazingly created make it interesting to read. Rick Riordan still maintains the excitement of the story as I turn page after page. Those who enjoy reading Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series will surely love this one. With games and illustrations included, the book is able to reveal who the seven demigods are that are mentioned in the prophecy. Now I definitely can’t wait for The Mark of Athena.


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2 responses to “The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan

  • Tin

    I don’t usually spring for supplements but this looks pretty interesting. I am especially curious about the 4th story. I didn’t know he had a son who is a writer too. So they’re like a Riordan father and son writing tandem, very cool. Heehee.

    Mark of Athena! Eeeek! 😀

    • Rhin

      Rick Riordan’s son is still a teenager, but I must say, he writes well! And it’s nice to know that it was because of him that Rick Riordan got inspired to write the Percy Jackson series.

      I’m also squealing inside for the release of The Mark of Athena!

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