I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Legacies by Pittacus Lore

I’ve heard of I Am Number Four: The Lost Files before, and as I remembered, it was only available in ebook format. At that time, only Six’s Legacy was released. I didn’t attempt to look further into this anymore, but recently, when I was browsing through a bookstore, I discovered that it got published in paperback format already – containing three stories which completes The Lost Files. With no hesitation, my sister and I bought the book.

Here’s the plot description from the back cover of the book:

You know we’re out there, living among you.

You know we’re waiting for our day to come.

You have seen the power of our legacies.

You know this is why they hunt us.

You may think you know our stories.

You are wrong.

We each have our own story.

We know the time has come to share them with you.

Our legacies are your only hope.

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Legacies consists of three short stories: Six’s Legacy, Nine’s Legacy, and The Fallen Legacies. To better elaborate my review, I’ll be talking about each short story.

Starting with Six’s Legacy, the story happens years before Six meets Four. Readers are introduced to Six’s life with her Cêpan and how they cope to stay hidden from the Mogadorians. Six is only thirteen years old here and her legacies haven’t yet been fully developed. Even though I am not a Garde or someone who is being chased by villains, I still understand their situation. I’m amazed by how they are able to naturally tell convincing lies to prevent their identities from being revealed. If I were in their position, I wouldn’t have succeeded telling convincing lies. Moving on, as the story progresses, I slowly start to comprehend Six’s personality in the major series I have come to know her from – the experiences she encounters in this short story greatly influence her as a person.

The second story, Nine’s Legacy evidently talks about Nine’s life right until he meets Four and Sam. By far, I think he is the only one who succeeded in staying in one place for a long period of time. Plus, he has the best gadgets ever! Sandor, his Cêpan, customizes their home that’s good for training and he also invents impressive devices such as the iMog to detect nearby Mogadorians. Everything would be fine if he hadn’t met Maddy. I guess most guys find their weakness in girls. On the other hand, though, I wouldn’t blame Maddy for her actions. She is forced to do things just to save her loved ones. After reading this, I would definitely want to read more of Nine.

Lastly, the third and final story, The Fallen Legacies, is the most unique story among the three. It’s written in one Mogadorian member’s point of view, namely Adam. When One was killed, Adam is chosen to be part of an experiment where One’s memories will be accessible to the other party. This becomes a significant process for the Mogadorians in order to find the location of the other Gardes. The experiment receives both good and bad outcomes. Furthermore, Adam becomes torn between two sides. The story becomes more interesting when Adam slowly has a change of heart and feels empathy towards the Gardes. With this said, readers will further be enlightened now that they entered the minds of both the Gardes and Mogadorians.

Moreover, I guess the third story also has its depth. The concept of war in this last story comes into place as it undeniably applies in real life, too. The war, however, is rooted in something deeper and The Fallen Legacies somehow gives us an idea of where and how these things originated.

Even though numbers One to Three are killed since the first book of the main series, I’m glad that this last story introduces us to them. In a way, their deaths are somehow justified as it gives readers an opportunity to get to know a little bit of them at the least. One thing I’m curious about, though, is whether Adam is seeing the real One when she talks to him, or it’s just his inner consciousness talking to him and mistaking it for One as a sign of denial from the fact that he’s starting to change.

Overall, this book is definitely a page-turner. I do hope I get to read more of Adam in the next books. I somehow want him to play a significant role in the series. And now I’m off to read The Rise of Nine.


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2 responses to “I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Legacies by Pittacus Lore

  • Tin

    I saw the movie adaptation of I am Number Four but I wasn’t really much into it, so I never really considered picking up the books. But then again you should never judge a book by it’s movie. 🙂 But this isn’t the first book right? Rather it’s a companion novel?

    • Rhin

      You should try reading the books. I pretty much enjoyed the series, although I’m not sure if it will have the same effect on you. hehe!

      Nope, this is just the companion novel. ^_^

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