The Choice… Not For A Day But For Eternity…

Last Saturday, my sister and my friend attended and watched The Choice, a theatrical play presented by the Chancel Repertory Theatre in partnership with Jubilee Evangelical Church, at Music Museum for free. Here’s the synopsis from the program book:

The ChoiceDuring the rule of Tiberius Caesar in the seaside city of Capernaum, a young Roman centurion, Marcus, falls in love with a beautiful Jewish girl, Hannah. She is a follower of Jesus, the radical teacher from Nazareth. As Marcus becomes fatefully intertwined in the tumultuous events leading to the execution of Jesus, he weighs the words and example of Christ against the wealth and power of the world. In the balance hangs… The Choice.

At a glance, The Choice seems to center on Marcus and Hannah’s love story, but that’s just the tip of an iceberg. Evident from the synopsis, the play is mainly about choosing between becoming a follower of Christ and possessing the mundane wonders of the world. To some, the choice may be easy, but in Marcus’ case, he struggles and is torn to choose, weighing the importance of the two in his life. Eventually, though, Marcus chooses what is right for him and bravely prepares himself for what’s to come.

For those of you who’ve been reading this, I’m pretty sure you’ve already figured out the ending to this story. However, despite the predictability of it, it’s the middle part that keeps us guessing, wanting to anticipate Marcus’ reaction and how he’d handle the situation presented. I’m amazed by the bravery and humility of Marcus to break the status quo and somehow, make a difference. On the other hand, Hannah shows to be a true follower of Christ. With her dedication and faithfulness to Jesus, no matter how hard the difficulties she faces, she continues to fight her battle and trust Jesus. Moreover, it is also in this play that the audience gets to witness Jesus’ performance of some of the miracles, His crucifixion, death, and resurrection.

Overall, The Choice is a perfect example of a good show to portray what it means to forgive and to have faith. I actually didn’t expect the venue to be full house and throughout the show, I can see that the audience actually enjoyed it. The only problems I have with the show are the sound system and lighting. They lack timing and glitches are evident at some parts. Because of this, the play doesn’t quite project an impressive show to me. Other than that, the performance of the talented casts is amazing and they explicitly gave their best to perform for the Lord. The powerful lines and lyrics are able to reach one’s heart and leave a heartfelt message for everyone to remember and reflect, hoping it will to continue to live in the hearts and minds of people, allowing them to choose the choice not for a day, but for eternity.


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