The Stamp Collector by Jennifer Lanthier

I encountered this title when I was browsing the internet before and being a stamp collector myself, I did not hesitate to get a copy of this book for myself. But of course, I knew it’s more than just about stamps and the collector.

Here’s the plot description from the back cover of the book:

The Stamp Collector coverThis is the story of not long ago and not far away. It is the story of a boy who loves stamps and a boy who loves words. This is the story of a life that is lost. And found.

This is actually a picture book with illustrations by François Thisdale. I have to say, François Thisdale did an amazing job translating Jennifer Lanthier’s words into drawings. The illustrations perfectly describe what the story intends to tell to its readers. They are drawn with authenticity and meaning. François Thisdale definitely succeeds in capturing the mood of the story and emphasizing the connection between the two protagonists through the stamps and words. I am undeniably at awe with his talent as I devour every detail of the pictures as they seemingly come alive in my mind. The pictures of the stamps are just as amazing as well.

Who knew a single stamp would be the key to connect two persons of different backgrounds, interests, and beliefs and form an exceptional kind of friendship throughout the years. Jennifer Lanthier surely crafts the story with simplicity, but it’s beautifully written – filled with symbolical meanings and depth. Stamps and words are represented by more than just what they are in themselves. Jennifer Lanthier explicitly elaborates the significance of each word in the protagonists’ lives.

I must say, The Stamp Collector affects me in ways I can never imagined it would. The book demonstrates some political themes that are present in real life. It’s not unusual that some people in certain parts of the world are deprived of their freedom of speech and writing. Words undoubtedly are powerful and can bring strength to some, while they can threaten others as well. On the other hand, stamps try to eliminate boundaries and remind us that we can still reconnect despite each other’s differences.

Overall, this is a book worth-reading. I could never get tired of its fresh story that can bring light and hope to those in despair. The young and old can learn a lot from this book. I could reread this again and again. I truly enjoyed it to the fullest.


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2 responses to “The Stamp Collector by Jennifer Lanthier

  • Tin (Rabbitin)

    I was more of a sticker and stationery collector. Hee. But my sister was, during her high school days. I loved looking at her Disney stamps.

    I am going to put this book on my list. It looks mighty interesting. Especially since it was mentioned that the boy loves words too aside from the stamps. 😀

    • Rhin

      I did collect stickers and stationery before, but I was more of a sticker collection. Wow, your sister has Disney stamps? I love the limited editions. Sadly, I couldn’t find them. I did, however, have some of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale stamps.

      Yes, as much as this is just a picture book and the words are simple and short, the story is good. ^_^

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