The Son of Sobek by Rick Riordan

When I first found out that Rick Riordan wrote a short story about the meetings of Percy Jackson and Carter Kane, well, I couldn’t let this pass as I just have to read it!

Here’s the plot description taken from Goodreads:

The Son of Sobek coverCarter Kane is investigating rumored sightings of a monster on Long Island when he runs into something else: a mysterious boy named Percy Jackson. And their meeting isn’t exactly friendly.

The Son of Sobek is originally included in the recently-released paperback edition of The Kane Chronicles, Book Three: The Serpent’s Shadow. I’m eager to own a physical copy of the short story, so I bought another copy of The Serpent’s Shadow despite currently owning the book already.

There’s no cover picture included in the paperback edition, so the book cover I posted is for the upcoming audio e-book version (to be narrated by Rick Riordan himself) which will be released on June 18. The book cover looks nice, isn’t it? I hoped the short story will be published separately in paperback, but I guess it would be costly, seeing that the short story only consists of less than 50 pages or so.

Now, onto the story, at a glance, it’s intriguing to know how Percy Jackson and Carter Kane would meet. The idea of two different people living two different lives with no similarities or whatsoever would come together seems kind of far-fetched, but in this case, Rick Riordan does his best in crafting an imaginative, unique story that at the end of the day, readers will once again fall in love with the two main characters. Who would’ve thought that their meetings will revolve around a giant crocodile?

The short story is written in Carter’s point of view. Despite the shortness of the story, Rick Riordan still succeeds in narrating the story in great detail and in conveying Carter and Percy’s personalities perfectly. As I am reading through it, I can’t help but compare Carter and Percy to one another. Both of them prove to be strong and powerful, but being the biased reader that I am, I side with Percy. Hihi! But hey, Carter definitely deserves some credit, too.

The crocodile serves as the focal point of their meetings and seeing those two argue, fight, and work together makes the story more interesting and entertaining to read. It’s evident that coming from two different historical origins, Carter and Percy had a hard time understanding each other. It’s like there’s this language barrier where every term one said sounds foreign to the other. With that said, I slowly begin to comprehend that it might be difficult for Rick Riordan to bring two worlds together and form a new story.

I have to admit, after reading The Son of Sobek, I want something more. I want to know what Percy is thinking throughout the story, I want to know if Carter would tell Sadie the whole incident, and Percy to Annabeth, and what their reactions would be. There’s this whole mystery behind this short story. I, too, am wondering who or what brought the two protagonists together. They may never meet again, but if they do and Rick Riordan decides to tell their story, I would undoubtedly read it right away.


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