I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Secret Histories by Pittacus Lore

Similar to The Legacies, Secret Histories also contains three novellas in relation to the main series Lorien Legacies. The stories are first released separately as eBooks and they are later on combined and published in paperback. Hence, when it was released in the market, I immediately grabbed a copy from one of our local bookstores.

Here’s the plot description from the back cover of the book:

I Am Number Four - The Lost Files - Secret Histories coverYou know our stories are true.

You know why we fight.

You must discover their secrets.

You must learn from our mistakes.

They are hiding, just like us.

They plan to destroy your planet.

They destroyed our.

We cannot let this happen again.

The release day of The Fall of Five is approaching fast. While I wait for its release date, I figured I’d read Secret Histories first. One of the advantages of reading these novellas is that readers can gain significant details which are not mentioned in the main series. Readers and fans will get a glimpse of some occurrences in another character’s point of view, or they can even attain a whole new knowledge about things outside the main series’ scope.

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Secret Histories consists of the following titles: The Search for Sam, The Last Days of Lorien, and The Forgotten Ones.

The Search for Sam – Adamus’ story continues on in this novella. If you’ve read The Legacies, you have already known that Adamus has turned sides against the Mogadorians after an experiment wherein One’s memories have been transferred to him. This novella happened after Ivan tried to kill him. Adamus, Adam for short, survived the fall and since then, stayed at an aid camp as a volunteer.

It’s interesting to see Adam’s doubts, fears, and confusions as he contemplates on his decision to side with the Gardes. His weaknesses shatter his confidence of his capability to do greater things. One’s pep talks and persuasions are almost done in vain. But then, readers will eventually witness Adam’s bravery as he tries to save One and later on Malcolm and his son, Sam. I love how Adam and One’s friendship grows into something more meaningful. If it weren’t for One, Adam wouldn’t have found his greater purpose in life.

The Last Days of Lorien – Evident from the title itself, this novella takes place before Mogadorians conquered the planet Lorien. I have always wondered what Lorien looks like and how its people go about their lives in their planet. Everything is described as perfect – as in perfect in every aspect anyone could possibly dream of. This is told in Sandor’s point of view. If you can recall, Sandor is Nine’s Cêpan.  I love how Sandor’s personality is portrayed well in this novella. I describe him as a diamond in the rough in his community. He possesses unique talents, but is seen as a delinquent in the society. How he becomes Nine’s Cêpan and a techie person, everything is explained in the story. This makes me wonder how the other Gardes, especially Ten, survived the attack by the Mogadorians. If the author would write that story, it is something I would look forward to.

It’s quite interesting that this novella reminds me and is a perfect example of a lecture my history professor in college taught us – that once a place has attained its highest form of civilization, it is bound to fall sooner or later. And this is exactly what happened in Lorien. Moreover, one thing that sparks my curiosity is that Pittacus Lore still remains a mystery.

The Forgotten Ones – This novella is a continuation of The Search for Sam. After one certain “incident” of rescuing Sam, Adam finds himself fighting against Mogadorians and survives. Being a good-hearted person that he is, Adam saves the life of one injured Mogadorian named Rex. Along the way, they encounter some trust issues as evident in their different views in life, and a Chimaera. Some disturbing and worrisome facts about Chimaeras are exposed and it’s up to Adam to do what he can to save them. As I read through this story, I have become attached to Dust, the Chimaera Adam and Rex comes across. I wonder why Chimaeras are sent to Earth and I would love to find out why.

This book definitely did not disappoint. I couldn’t choose which one of the three is the best of all. Each novella tells a different story and every time I finish one, I thought it’s better than the last. And when I finished the whole book, I’m itching to read The Fall of Five next. It feels like my excitement doesn’t end and isn’t satisfied with just the three novellas. I actually wanted more. Moreover, it’s also a good thing I read this before The Fall of Five since two out of the three stories in Secret Histories have connections to the main series. I must say, Lorien Legacies series and its novellas are one of the handful Sci-Fi novels I enjoy reading through and through. I can’t wait to find out the remaining Gardes’ fates as they face the Mogadorians. This is exciting!


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