Young and Scambitious (A Short Story) by Mina V. Esguerra

When Mina V. Esguerra tweeted that her latest short story will be free of charge for a limited period of time on Amazon (in Kindle format), I immediately grabbed the opportunity to download a copy. Here’s the summary taken from Goodreads:

Young and Scambitious coverWho is Elizabeth Madrid, exactly? She’s Manila’s latest It Girl–stylish, staple of the club scene, new best friend of famous-for-being-famous Chrysalis Magnolia. She’s also a jewelry clan heiress, a former model, an Ivy Leaguer… except no one actually knew of her until last year. Shouldn’t her new society friends be more suspicious? Especially “BFF” Chrysalis, who reportedly already lost an expensive ring to a friend who turned out to be a thief?

I am a bit intrigued with the title – it’s like the main character is doing something sinister. This is definitely not the usual goody-two-shoes protagonist we often read about in most books. The title itself already gives the readers a bit of an idea of what the story is about. I especially love the creativeness of the author’s word play, specifically the usage of scambitious, which describes the totality of the main character’s job.

Young and Scambitious is different from the other short stories I read. It revolves around jewelries and how people would go to great lengths, no matter how risky and illegal they would be, to achieve instant high earnings. Mina V. Esguerra certainly provides us a glimpse of how jewelry scam works. After reading this, I think I become more cautious with the authentication of jewelries I might encounter in the future. It’s really funny how everything seems to fall into place. When I was reading this, I hear people I know are getting engaged or getting married soon. Talk about coincidence. LOL.

To be honest, I am a bit confused with the story at first. I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, but as the story progresses, the plotline begins to unravel itself and soon, I find myself getting more interested about what’s going to happen. Who would’ve thought that the characters’ lives are intertwined with one another?

Overall, Young and Scambitious is a quick read. Anyone can read it in one sitting. However, since it’s only a short story, some questions that emerged while reading it are left unanswered. It’s also a bit of a cliffhanger. If this is made into a novel-length story, I’m sure this will turn out to be a better work.


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2 responses to “Young and Scambitious (A Short Story) by Mina V. Esguerra

  • Tin (Rabbitin)

    I was able to grab a free copy of this one too. I don’t know much about the jewelry biz, so I think this will be an interesting read. And I do love it when the lives of the characters, whom you thought were strangers to each other, end up being intertwined after all. 😀

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