About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk

When Natalie @ The Book Geek Wears Pajamas hosted a giveaway on Twitter, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to join the contest in the hopes of being one of the lucky winners. Thankfully, I was among those who won. The winners were then given a list of e-book chic-lit titles and from the list, we will pick one book. There were so many choices to choose from, but after much deliberation, I decided to pick About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk. The premise of the story just sparked my interest.

Here’s the plot description from Goodreads:

About A Girl coverI’d lost my job. I’d lost the love of my life. My mum wasn’t talking to me. My best friend was epically pissed off. And my flatmate probably had a hit out on me by now. I never meant for things to get so out of hand…

Tess Brookes has always been a Girl with a Plan. But when her carefully constructed Plan goes belly up, she’s forced to reconsider.

After accidently answering her flatmate Vanessa’s phone, she decides that since being Tess isn’t going so well, why shouldn’t she try out being Vanessa? With nothing left to lose, she accepts Vanessa’s photography assignment to Hawaii – she used to be an amateur snapper, how hard can it be? Right?

But Tess is soon in big trouble – she isn’t a photographer, she isn’t Vanessa, and the gorgeous journalist on the shoot with her, who is making it very clear he’d like to get into her pants, is an egotistical monster.

Far from home and in someone else’s shoes, Tess must decide whether to fight on through, or ‘fess up and run…

At the beginning of the story, Tess Brookes already has a life planned out for herself. A workaholic, she dedicates her time to her job in order to attain the promotion she dreams of getting. But then, with just a snap of a finger, everything evaporates into thin air. Imagine to have experienced what Tess is going through – a disaster, that’s what I’ll say. Moreover, the relationship she has with her long-time crush and best friend turns out to be unrequited love. What more hapless moments could happen?

With no hope and determination left, Tess decides to do something outside her comfort zone – that is, to pretend being her flatmate Vanessa and a photographer. At a glance, her spontaneous move is a bit risky since she is not a professional photographer. On the other hand, I guess her decision to “change her identity” is her way of escape from stress and all the disappointments that just happened to her. Plus, who would reject an invitation to do a photo shoot in Hawaii? I know I wouldn’t!

I don’t have expertise in photography or in advertising, but I love how Lindsey Kelk gives the readers a little bit of background of the said careers. Lindsey Kelk is able to portray the job descriptions in photography and advertising through her narration. I can easily imagine how people work behind those professions. Not only that, the author also includes a bit about journalism and this is shown through her characterization of Nick Miller.

Lindsey Kelk definitely pulled off this story. Although I may not completely relate to the characters, I still feel empathy towards them. The main characters are so dynamic and unique that their personalities have been made apparent, especially Tess’. It is evident that the moment she becomes unemployed, she begins to have a conflict with herself. She suddenly doesn’t see herself for who she really is and doesn’t know who she wants to be anymore. Everything just falls apart. But as the story progresses, unbeknownst to her consciousness, readers could slowly see what Tess is capable of. And then there’s Nick, an overconfident journalist, who remains unpredictable and confuses Tess’ heart. But these are not the only reasons that make this book interesting. I also come to love the friendship and conversations Tess has with Amy, as well as with Paige, Al, and Kekipi.

Overall, About a Girl definitely kept me entertained from beginning until the end. I never expected to like this book so much. There are moments when I even find myself smiling and laughing quietly at the humor Lindsey Kelk creates out of that story. It’s fun, enjoyable, yet emotional and also swoon-worthy. More so, her scenic descriptions of Hawaii trigger my desire to visit Hawaii again. It’s just that by merely reading this book, any reader could tell that Hawaii is a must-see place to visit.

As I am nearing the end with all the revelations and realizations disclosed, I keep turning page after page, eager to find out what will happen to Tess and which path she decides to traverse. And then, BOOM! Lindsey Kelk leaves me hanging. I almost shouted! I thought there’s an error in the copy, but after turning more pages, I found out that Lindsey Kelk did it on purpose as there’s a sequel to the story. Now I just have to tolerate my agony of waiting. At least the clock is ticking.


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