The 39 Clues: Unstoppable, Book One: Nowhere to Run by Jude Watson

At first, I thought Day of Doom would be the last book of the series. However, after reading it, the story of Amy and Dan Cahill still doesn’t end there. It made me curious how Scholastic will create a new plotline after what happened in Day of Doom.

Here’s the plot description taken from the back cover of the book:

The 39 Clues - Unstoppable, Book One - Nowhere to Run coverThe Cahill Family has a secret. For five hundred years, they have guarded the 39 Clues — thirty-nine ingredients in a serum that transforms whomever takes it into the most powerful person on earth. If the serum got into the wrong hands, the disaster would rock the world. So certain Cahills have always made it their mission to keep the serum safe, buried, locked away. Until now.

Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy, are the latest guardians of the Clues. They think they’ve done everything right, but a tiny mistake leads to catastrophe. The serum is missing and Dan and Amy have to get it back and stop who stole it . . . before it’s game over. For everyone.

To be honest, due to my disappointment in Day of Doom, I almost wanted to abandon the next series. I also feel that I’m beginning to outgrow The 39 Clues. Aside from that, not being a great fan of series in general, I’m doubtful if the story of 39 Clues will ever end, that after this new set of storyline, there will be another set. And they’re already slowly eating up the space in my shelves. But anyway, I still gave the new series the benefit of the doubt. And I’m glad I did because Nowhere to Run did not disappoint.

First, it’s a feud between Cahills, then Vespers come into picture and now a mysterious third party endangers the lives of Amy and Dan again. Who is this Pierce and what is his connection to the Cahills? This question remains unanswered and it just triggers my curiosity more. This definitely convinces me enough to buy the next book.

I’m truly glad that Nowhere to Run has lived up to my expectations. Jude Watson is able to deliver and narrate the story well and her introduction to the Unstoppable series has made me hopeful that his new series will turn out good. As I read through the story, I could feel the connection between the author and characters, as opposed to Day of Doom in which I feel the author seems distant with the characters. It’s evident that Jude Watson knows the characters well and succeeds in portraying their personalities and behaviors, showing their strengths as part of a respective Cahill branch, as I’ve known them since the beginning. New, interesting, and technologically-inclined characters have also emerged who, I believe, will become significant in the plot as the story progresses. Plus, I miss Nellie being on the roll again, so I’m happy to see her help the kids.

Overall, Nowhere to Run is an enjoyable read. I think this is more exciting than the previous series. The plot revolves around the serum and Olivia Cahill finally plays a role in it. The story follows yet another set of adventures Amy and Dan Cahill partake with their friends, encountering more dangerous expeditions to different parts of the world. Once again, the story incorporates mind-boggling codes and puzzles as well as thrilling historical information which makes the book more motivating to read. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book.


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