The Twelve Dates of Christmas: Dates 11 and 12 by Lisa Dickenson

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Here’s the plot description from Amazon:

The Twelve Dates of Christmas 11 and 12 coverThe romantic, heartfelt and festive conclusion to this very funny six-part digital romantic comedy.

On the twelfth date of Christmas, Claudia’s true love was nowhere to be seen . . .

Everyone Claudia cares about is mad at her, all the good things in her life have turned bad, and Seth is still hanging around. In short, everything is a big fat mess. And now she has to find some festive cheer and get ready for her friends’ wedding. Unfortunately all those angry-at-Claudia people she’s been avoiding are also going to be there – including him. With the big day fast approaching, she desperately needs some Christmas magic to put things right. Will Claudia get the merry Christmas and happy ending she longs for, or has her chance at love gone forever?

This is the story of Claudia and her twelve dates of Christmas. It’s a story about losing love, about finding love, and about discovering what’s been there all along. Expect a whole heap of Christmas sparkle, butterflies-in-your-stomach romance and a lot of very funny moments in the final hilarious part of The Twelve Dates of Christmas.

And finally, we are at the last part of the set. A lot of things have yet to be resolved by Claudia, whether it’s for the better or worse, and I’m already preparing myself for what’s to come. I truly hope she’ll learn to accept her past mistakes and make selfless decisions.

Evident from the previous date, Seth comes into picture again. For a while there, I almost fall into his trap as well. Thankfully, this last part lets the readers show his true colors and intentions. The more I encounter his name, the more hatred I feel for him. Lisa Dickenson definitely impresses me in such a way that she is able to create a character that will show these negative attributes and that the readers will be emotionally involved in the story as well. I guess after seeing what Seth has done to Claudia, I can say that he deserves the punishment.

Lisa Dickenson surely wants to save the best for last for her readers. And I must say, it’s all worth it! Without a doubt, Claudia grows to be a more mature person. Her dignity has been restored and she slowly becomes more confident in herself. The Twelve Dates of Christmas has absolutely been an adventurous read for me this holiday. I’m glad I am able to witness the ups and downs of Claudia’s dates. Lisa Dickenson successfully combines all types of feelings in just one package. And lastly, I love how she shows how love can bloom in a friendship. Truly, I am satisfied with the outcome and how the story concludes. I enjoyed reading this set for the holiday. I think I should do this every year. Until the next Christmas holiday read again!


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