(DNF) The 39 Clues: Unstoppable, Book Two: Breakaway by Jeff Hirsch

The 39 Clues - Unstoppable, Book Two - Breakaway coverHere’s the plot description from the back cover of the book:

A Nightmare Come True:

As a member of the most powerful family history has ever known, thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill has been shot at, kidnapped, and even thrown into a pit with a deadly snake. He’s survived it all due to luck, smarts, and his older sister, Amy, who always sticks by his side.

Now Dan and Amy are facing their greatest threat yet, an enemy who has found a way to use the source of the Cahill family power against them. To stop him, Dan and Amy must set out on a desperate mission that will take them from one of the world’s hottest regions all the way to the frozen blast of the Arctic Circle. But with the enemy closing in, Dan finds himself facing the one terror he never imagined – being betrayed by his own sister.

Let me go straight to the point: unfortunately, I was not able to finish the book. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the series, but as the story lengthens, I find myself getting less enthusiastic about it. I feel that the plotline is becoming more unnatural as if being forced just to make the series longer. Moreover, the general concept of the story is also becoming more repetitive. The protagonists go to greater lengths any persons of their age shouldn’t have – travelling to all parts of the world in order to retrieve certain things they need –, fight villains who would stop at nothing to destroy them, and endure bad to worst obstacles that risk their lives.

This is the first time I DNF a book. I’m a bit disappointed because I used to enjoy the series as I always anticipate the next book. But now, everything I feel about the book seems to change. I don’t know if various authors writing each book affect the way I view the characters. From being likeable, their personalities and behaviors change drastically overtime. They’re not who I’ve known from the previous series. Aside from that, I guess I’ve also outgrown the story. I actually wanted to see if I’ll still like the book after the 50th page, but even before reaching that page, I’m just not into it anymore. So there.


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