Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon

Thirteen Wedding signed copyAfter reading Paige Toon’s previous books, I’ve been eager to get hold of this new book of hers. I decided to buy a copy from The Book Depository once it was released. Fortunately, the Project Manager of Books and the City hosted a podcast interview with Paige Toon. She announced on Twitter that whoever’s question will be chosen to be answered by Paige Toon, he/she will have the privilege to get a signed copy of Thirteen Weddings. Surprisingly, my question was one of the chosen questions, so I was grateful to have received a personalized signed copy! Thank you, Paige Toon and Books and the City!

Here’s the plot description from the back cover of the book:

Thirteen Weddings coverSometimes you have to step out of the light to see clearly again…

Bronte never expected to see Alex again after their one night together, but she never stopped thinking of him. So when she arrives at work one day to find that Alex is a new colleague, she’s secretly thrilled. The only problem is that Alex is now engaged to the girl he was on a break from the night they met.

Determined to move on, Bronte becomes a part-time wedding photographer, alongside her day job. Surrounded by loving couples, tearful bridesmaids, mischievous pageboys and interfering mothers-in-law, she struggles through wedding after wedding whilst her heart is slowly torn apart.

As Alex’s own wedding day draws ever nearer, their chemistry becomes harder to ignore. Bronte must decide whether to fight for the man she loves, or to let him go forever.

I undoubtedly enjoyed Lucy in the Sky, Pictures of Lily, and The Longest Holiday, and this book also has that same effect on me. The title itself already attracts my attention and the synopsis triggers my curiosity more. How would Paige Toon center her storyline on weddings? And what would be Alex’s role in Bronte’s life? As a person who admires weddings, I’m fervently sure this title would be included in my favorite books list.

Getting married has been my wish and dream ever since I was in my teenage years. Of course I haven’t reached that point in life yet, but most of the time, I find myself looking at wedding photos in the internet taken by professional Filipino wedding photographers. I am always at awe by the quality and the picture-perfect moments of the couples in the photos shot by photographers. Who would’ve thought that a lot of effort still has to be exerted by the person behind the camera? In Thirteen Weddings, Paige Toon successfully portrays how a wedding photographer works. I always thought only one photographer is in charge of taking photos, but I was wrong. Apparently, there’s so much hard work and surprisingly, a photographer can witness a lot during the process of his/her job.

Bronte works at a weekly celebrity magazine wherein she has proven to be an asset to the company. Aside from that, she has taken the job as a part-time assistant wedding photographer, despite being a non-believer of marriage. But those are just the tip of an iceberg. Thirteen Weddings centers on Bronte’s life and her journey to find love – love that might tear her or make her whole again. From the moment I opened the book, I was already immersed into the story. The storyline is realistic as well as the characters. I love how Paige Toon delivers the story, incorporating Bronte’s experiences as a wedding photographer and how, one way or another, some of these experiences slowly reveal her mysterious character.

Just like in Paige Toon’s previous books, this book also involves two men – Alex and Lachie. Bronte finds herself confused between these two amazing, unique men, but in the end, she has to choose one and let go of the other. As I am in the process of reading, just like Bronte, I have my fair share of love-hate relationship with one of the two men. There are times when I like his and Bronte’s chemistry, but there are times when I also want to chew his face off. I don’t know, I just feel like that person confuses Bronte more and leaves her hoping and ends up disappointing her. Thus, the more I read about him, the more I am in favor of the other over him. In the end, I’m actually happy with the outcome and who Bronte chooses.

The dynamism in the characterization of the main characters surely adds to the uniqueness of the story. I have come to empathize with them and understand their feelings. Moreover, the supporting characters also play significant roles in the story. This book wouldn’t be complete without them. It’s also been rewarding to see old characters appearing in this book and how they are connected to the main characters. Overall, Thirteen Weddings exceeds my expectations. Paige Toon’s captivating writing style has me devouring this book in just three days! I find myself laughing at certain parts and sitting at the edge of my seat as the story progresses. I’m impressed with the way Paige Toon unravels Bronte’s childhood life. It’s both surprising and unexpected. I truly had fun reading this book. This is not just about finding love, but it’s also about forgiveness, letting go, and moving forward. Paige Toon fans will definitely not be disappointed. I can’t wait to read more of Paige Toon’s books.


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