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Lately, you may have noticed that my blog posts have decreased from weekly posts to bi-weekly posts. I try to go back to my regular routine, but real life gets in the way more than I expect it to, so lesser “me” time, which, in other words, means lesser reading time. However, aside from reading, I have also found a new hobby – listening to podcasts! I’m writing this post because I would like to share with you the podcasts that I’ve been listening to recently and planning to listen to soon. So, here they are!

Five by Five PodcastThe Five By Five PodcastThe Five By Five Podcast is about the things we geek out on — and the people who create things that we probably should be geeking out on. Tune in every episode for talk about books, TV, writing, gadgets, music, film, and the many things we choose to spend our time on. The podcast is hosted by Mina V. Esguerra and Tania Arpa.

The Five By Five Podcast is the first podcast I listened to which began late last year. This is a local podcast broadcasted live, so it’s enjoyable for the hosts to read tweets of listeners and answer/comment on those spontaneously. Most of the time, they would invite guests ranging from local authors to book bloggers and fans of a specific sport. I always look forward for new episodes, but it’s been a few months since their last episode. I hope they will still continue this interesting podcast.

Dear Book Nerd PodcastDear Book Nerd PodcastDear Book Nerd is a bi-weekly advice show about life, love, and literature. It’s hosted by Rita Meade.

I discovered this podcast sometime last month as I was searching for any bookish podcasts on my iPhone after checking out its Podcast app. Every episode, Rita Meade is joined by a co-host and they would answer two or three topic-related questions submitted by the listeners. I find each episode interesting and insightful that aside from giving out useful advices and tips, the hosts would share their own opinions and experiences. Any listener would easily relate to the topics being discussed. Moreover, it’s so addicting which results to me finishing all the previous episodes in just a week or two.

Book Riot PodcastBook Riot PodcastBook Riot – The Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what’s new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of Book Riot. This is hosted by Jeff O’Neal and Rebecca Schinsky.

While waiting for new episodes of Dear Book Nerd, I started with the Book Riot Podcast. Likewise, I enjoy listening to each episode. I would spend my free time listening and currently, I’m onto the 16th episode (out of nearly 80 episodes and still ongoing!). The Book Riot Podcast is both informative and enlightening. It helps me become up to date with the latest bookish news happening and discover things I don’t know about before. It’s never boring and I always anticipate what the next episode would be about.

Reading Lives PodcastReading Lives PodcastReading Lives is an interview podcast with interesting people who love books. This podcast is hosted by Jeff O’Neal.

I haven’t started yet on this one, but the description looks promising and interesting, so I plan to include this in my podcast subscription. I just hope it’ll be as good and exciting as the others.

So there you have it! If you have other interesting and fun podcasts in mind, feel free to share them with me!


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