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Cover Reveal: CLEAR: A Death Trippers Novel by Jessica Park

Check out the gorgeous cover for CLEAR: A Death Trippers Novel by Jessica Park!

Clear cover

Title: CLEAR: A Death Trippers Novel
Age: NA
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Jessica Park
Cover Designer: The Cover Lure
Release date: February 17, 2015



Stella Ford’s grasp on reality is already loose, and it’s about to come undone.

When the college junior flees Chicago and leaves her toxic family behind, she heads for coastal Maine to find the one person who brought her peace years ago: Sam Bishop. But the Sam she once knew now has painful secrets.

Stella is determined to heal them both. Healing, however, is a challenge when the walls of her everyday existence collapse. And when Sam’s best friend is his worst enemy.

When the line between life and death blurs.

When an end is just a beginning.

When lust and rage rule.

Yet during extraordinary chaos, there can be extraordinary love, even if that love comes with a twist.

Welcome to death tripping.

A thriller, a paranormal, and a passionate romance, CLEAR crosses genres and breaks boundaries.

Clear full jacket

And here are some teasers:





About the Author:

Jessica ParkJessica Park is the author of LEFT DROWNING, the New York Times bestselling FLAT-OUT LOVE (and the companion piece FLAT-OUT MATT), and RELATIVELY FAMOUS. She lives in New Hampshire where she spends an obscene amount time thinking about rocker boys and their guitars, complex caffeinated beverages, and tropical vacations. On the rare occasions that she is able to focus on other things, she writes.

Please visit her at and on Facebook at and Twitter @JessicaPark24


Blog Tour: Only A Kiss by Ines Bautista-Yao | Interview + Giveaway

OAK Banner

I enjoyed the love story of Chris and Katie in Only A Kiss (see my review post here) that I felt I couldn’t just move on from it. After discovering that there’s going to be a blog tour for Ines’s book, I didn’t hesitate to join. In this blog tour post, I had the privilege to interview the author herself, Ines Bautista-Yao.


1) What and/or who inspired you to write Only A Kiss?

Hi, Rhin! This is how it happened. I was pregnant with my second daughter and I was waiting for my second book, What’s In Your Heart, to come out. It was already in the process of being published and I wasn’t working on anything at the moment. When I’m not writing, I feel there’s something missing in my life. It sounds melodramatic, but it’s true. The same goes for when I’m not reading a book. I’m needy that way. Anyway, I had just come from a meeting and I was in a restaurant having a crepe by myself. I opened my laptop and wrote the lyrics that had been playing in my head over the past couple of days: a line from The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside.” I typed in: Only A Kiss. Then I started writing about Katie’s first kiss and how she wanted Chris to give it to her. And the rest flowed from there.

2) How do you describe your first kiss?

Mine?! OMG hahaha! To be really, really honest (and my ex might kill me for this), I cannot, for the life of me, remember it. I can’t remember where or when it happened. All I know is that he was my first boyfriend and he kissed me. How sad is that?! Haha! What I do remember is when I first kissed my husband. Because that was a kiss that had been building up for eight years. And at first, I was afraid that it was going to be weird. Or awkward. Because I was awkward and nervous. But when I stopped thinking and just gave in to what I felt, it was the best kiss ever. I’m still trying to get my husband to replicate it to this day.

3) Only A Kiss deals with friendships, relationships, kisses, and love. Of all the characters, who among them do you see yourself most in? If none, are the characters’ behaviors and personalities based on people close to you?

I don’t like to put myself in my characters (that wouldn’t be exciting at all!). Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself. Because how can you do that, right? I mean, their emotions have to come from somewhere to make them realistic. So I tap into what I have felt, what my friends have confided in me, and what I have witnessed (or imagined) among the people I know.

I don’t really set out to base characters on anyone I know, but I do take inspiration from different aspects of the people around me. For example, Katie’s bossiness when she’s a child is very similar to how my six-year-old bosses me and her father around. Plus, the dress that Katie wore to Chris’s senior ball was inspired by what my sister wore to her prom. It was a beautiful dress.

But I have to admit that the idea of Chris was inspired by my daughter’s preschool classmate. He is a good-natured, good-looking, sensitive little boy. I borrowed his unruly hair too! But other than that, I totally invented my Chris’s personality. I don’t even know if the real Chris likes to draw! He’s athletic though. And yes, his name is also Chris.

4) What’s your take on love? Is it just as what’s shown in the book?

Lorra, the artist who did the calligraphy of my name on the cover and the intro page illustrations, said that she felt the entire book was like love advice. I was surprised because I didn’t set it out to be love advice. At all. I just wanted to write a fun, light, kilig story. But when she said that, I realized that yes, you could say that my take on love is clearly spelled out in the book.

5) I read in your Facebook page that you’re planning to write a short-story-turned-novella prequel to Only A Kiss. Care to share a little bit of information or gist to your fans?

I can’t wait to finish it! It’s almost there but I took a break when the holidays hit. And I haven’t continued since. I’m writing the love story between Katie’s Ate Regina and Kuya Ben. And so far, I want to keep writing and writing. I was going to make it a free short story for everyone. A thank you for those who have read and supported Only A Kiss and an invitation to those who want to read it. But if it wants to become a novella, then I might just give in to that. Maybe.

If that happens, I will still write a free story for my readers. That’s a promise.


And that’s the end of the interview! Thank you, Ines, for spending time to answer my interview questions! Hihi! And for those who haven’t read Only A Kiss, grab your copies now! The paperback of Only A Kiss is now available in National Book Store and Fully Booked in the Philippines. Plus, it’s only $0.99 on Amazon and until February 14.

Don’t go yet, ‘cause Ines is giving away lots of things!


For Philippine residents:

One (1) winner will get a signed paperback of ONLY A KISS, a gift card from FILA, and a back issue of CAST comic book

Two (2) winners will each get a signed paperback of ONLY A KISS, light up laces, and back issue of CAST comic book

For everyone:

FIve (5) winners will each get an ebook of ONLY A KISS

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author

Ines Bautista-YaoInes Bautista-Yao is the author of One Crazy Summer, What’s in your Heart, and Only a Kiss. She has also written two short stories, “Flashbacks and Echoes,” which is part of a compilation called All This Wanting and “A Captured Dream,” one of the four short stories in Sola Musica: Love Notes from a Festival.

She is the former editor-in-chief of Candy and K-Zone magazines and a former high school and college English and Literature teacher. She is also a wife and mom and blogs about the many challenges and joys of motherhood at She has recently launched The Author Project, a section in her current blog devoted to the stories in her head:

She posts on Instagram and tweets @inesbyao and her author page is

You can also find her on Goodreads.

What A Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk

At first I thought About A Girl is a stand-alone novel. I remembered being entertained by it. Hence, after reaching the end and found out there’s going to be a sequel, I did not let this one pass up. I bought What A Girl Wants in Kindle edition from Amazon sometime last year and read it during my Christmas vacation.

Here’s the summary from Goodreads:

What A Girl Wants coverA summer bestseller from the immensely popular Lindsey Kelk Tess Brookes was the girl with a plan. Now she’s the girl with a choice. Should she stay in London and start her own advertising agency with her best friend and potential boyfriend Charlie? Or should she head to exciting Milan to pursue both a new career as a photographer and a new man, the enigmatic and elusive (and highly irritating) Nick? For the first time, Tess has to choose between the life she always dreamed of and a future she never imagined possible. With her heart and her head pulling her in different directions, Tess has to make a life-changing decision about What a Girl Wants.

About A Girl ended with a cliffhanger that after I finished the book, I was eager to read the sequel. It had been a long, agonizing wait for months, but in the end, I thought it was still worth the wait. All feelings I felt while reading the first book came rushing back to me when I began reading What A Girl Wants. What’s in store for Tess now that her true identity has been revealed? Will she pursue her passion for photography or her advertising agency? And most of all, who would she finally choose: Charlie or Nick?

What A Girl Wants began where the first book left off, although the prologue had caught me off guard, as the scene presented already situated Tess in a prison cell. This further made the plot more intriguing. I actually liked how the author transitioned the time period from the prologue back to how everything started. That way, it will help enlighten the readers on the events that led to Tess’ imprisonment. You thought by now Tess would’ve made her decision. But of course, Lindsey Kelk wouldn’t want to simplify everything for Tess. A little twist here and there, the author had sent Tess into another chapter of rollercoaster ride of emotions.

From the moment I began reading the book, I was immediately drawn into it. Lindsey Kelk’s writing style surely had me immersed and focused, seeming to have opened the portal to Tess’ world that allowed me to witness firsthand the things she was going through. The book kept me guessing about Tess’ decisions and more often than not, found myself torn between two men whom I think would be better for Tess. The characterization of all characters were realistic, even the minor and supporting characters, which greatly contributed to make the story more interesting to read. All characters had their own unique personalities and even their flaws were perfectly portrayed by the author. Lindsey Kelk’s book never failed to reach into the hearts of the readers through her characters and their emotions. It had me swooning and giggling at one point, to laughing then being mad and pissed the next. And the cycle goes on.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading What A Girl Wants. Lindsey Kelk succeeded in delivering the story well which got me hooked all the way to the end. Any reader could easily empathize with the characters. While this book put Tess in a struggling and confused state of her life, this encouraged me to reflect about my life as well. This is more than just a love story, as What A Girl Wants also portrayed a realistic illustration of a person’s journey towards self-discovery. Furthermore, the descriptive narration of the setting somehow allowed me to at least “visit” Milan without having to leave my place. And most of all, I shall never forget Al’s words of wisdom in this book. Tess’ story doesn’t end here yet. I’ll be looking forward to the next installment.