Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in Manila!

Beauty and the Beast BroadwayEarly last year, it was announced that the Broadway musical of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be coming to the Philippines as part of its international tour. Despite the shows being scheduled just this year, tickets were sold beginning mid-August of last year. This was another once in a lifetime opportunity I cannot miss, so I immediately bought tickets for me and my family. And since then, I patiently marked off the dates of my calendar until the most-awaited day came.

On January 17, it was the day I got to witness the love story of Beauty and Beast unfold before my eyes. The musical was based on Disney’s movie adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. On one hand, it intrigued me how they were going to relive the movie through Broadway. On the other hand, I also looked forward to the show being vibrant and entertaining. I wasn’t able to watch the local production of Beauty and the Beast before, but now that the show comprised of international cast, it set my expectations higher.

I remembered I couldn’t contain my excitement that apart from reaching CCP earlier than expected, time seemed to be ticking by slowly as we waited for the show to start. A couple of hours passed, once we were allowed to enter the theater, we were greeted by a mesmerizing backdrop on the stage with branches and thorns surrounding the border and a blooming big red rose projected on the upper right side of the backdrop. I must say, it greatly contributed to our anticipation for an enchanting journey of the show. When the show began, I inevitably found myself being lured in to it as my eyes were glued on the stage, concentrating on what’s about to be revealed.

Despite my knowledge on the show’s plot, I was still eager to watch the show and see how it fared to the movie. The opening song alone convinced me enough that it will not be a disappointment. Hilary Maiberger, the one who played as Belle, was definitely a beauty. When she appeared on stage, I knew she would make a good characterization of Belle. It didn’t stop there. I was utterly impressed by the other cast – from the Beast, Mrs. Potts, Lumière, Cogsworth, to the villains such as Gaston and Le Fou. All the cast were able to perfectly capture and portray the characters from the movie. They truly owned it! I won’t deny that they made some changes from the movie, but that didn’t stop me from loving the Broadway musical. Their unique musical adaptation of the story surely brought laughter and heartfelt feelings to the audience.

Overall, having watched this show was worth the money and wait. Aside from the cast, the props as well as the costumes used in the production added to the magical element of the show. The production team evidently utilized a wide array of colors to capture the mood of the scenes. Even the choreography was spectacular! It left me speechless and at awe. But of course, everything wouldn’t be complete without the live orchestra. In a way, they created a portal that allowed us to transport ourselves into the world of fairy tale which demonstrated the true meaning of love and beauty in its simplest form. Kudos to all the people who made the production a success. I was undoubtedly entertained all throughout. May the tale of Beauty and the Beast live on for as long as time could tell.


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