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What You Wanted by Mina V. Esguerra

What You Wanted coverPlot description from Goodreads:

It’s the classic one-night stand: Beach wedding, bridesmaid, groom’s friend. When Andrea and Damon meet, sparks fly, and they give in to the attraction. Sounds simple, but Andrea’s still getting over someone, and Damon thought he’d be hooking up with another person that night. It could still be simple, really, if they chalk it up to a weekend tryst and move on.

But one night becomes lunch the week after, and then dinner the next weekend…and before they know it, Andrea and Damon are still together, dealing with the feelings they know they might still have for other people. How hard can it be to get exactly what you want? How do you even know what it is?

What You Wanted follows Damon and Andrea’s story after Wedding Night Stand. Don’t fret, you can still read this book without having to read Wedding Night Stand. Considered as a standalone, readers will still be able to understand the story of What You Wanted. I’ll be the living proof of that.

Moving on to the story, I can say that Andrea is seen as someone who is always on the move. Afraid of being in a commitment, she loses the guy who would’ve wanted to be in a relationship with her. The result: the desire of her heart and mind clashes. She can’t move on from the guy and at the same time, well, she becomes the opposite of a conservative. She might not be my ideal heroine, but I understand her situation and this book helps me empathize with her. Moreover, the more I read about the “relationship” between Andrea and Damon, the more I’m rooting for them.

As for Damon, he “teams up” with Andrea to make the girl he’s after jealous of them. With some motive at hand, Damon and Andrea spend more time together. Being the hot guy that Damon is, it’s obviously inevitable that there would be intimate moments here and there between the two. Part of an act or not, I’m loving their developing close friendship. As a reader, I’m hoping that it would become something more. And true enough, it seems that the universe is in favor of Damon and Andrea. As I read through the story, I find myself being in love with them as I get to know more about them. They’re independent and yet they help each other grow to be better and more mature individuals. In the end, I’m glad they’re able to overcome their emotional struggles and move on.

Overall, What You Wanted is an interesting read that will, at times, make readers fan themselves due to hotness overload. What makes it even more interesting is the crossover of some characters from one of Mina’s previous works (That Kind of Guy). At the end of the day, I’m very much satisfied that both Damon and Andrea eventually get what they truly wanted.