About Me

Hi and Welcome!

Before anything else, I would first like to thank you guys for dropping by my blog and for taking time to browse through it. ^_^

So to start off, I’m Rhin, who currently resides in Manila, Philippines. I started this blog last June 2011 for a reason that still surprises me until now. I don’t deem myself as someone who’s good in English. My vocabulary knowledge isn’t that wide, and well, English is just not my area of expertise. But somehow, my inner consciousness mysteriously convinced me to start a blog. And here I am and I’m happy with my decision.

This blog mainly talks about the books I read and events I attend such as book fairs, concerts, musical/theatrical plays, etc. I made a list of those under Books Index and Events Index which you can find at the top portion of my blog.

I’m still trying to broaden my preference in books and venture out of my comfort genres. So if you have a title in mind that you want to recommend for me to read, feel free to do so. ^_^ And please do not hesitate to leave a comment on any of my blog posts. I would LOVE to converse with you. ^_^ You can also contact me through my email: perfectnostalgia@gmail.com

For now, these are the things I enjoy doing: Expression through words. Finding contentment in the simple things in life. Embracing opportunities. Daring to live her dream.


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