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All About Podcasts

Lately, you may have noticed that my blog posts have decreased from weekly posts to bi-weekly posts. I try to go back to my regular routine, but real life gets in the way more than I expect it to, so lesser “me” time, which, in other words, means lesser reading time. However, aside from reading, I have also found a new hobby – listening to podcasts! I’m writing this post because I would like to share with you the podcasts that I’ve been listening to recently and planning to listen to soon. So, here they are!

Five by Five PodcastThe Five By Five PodcastThe Five By Five Podcast is about the things we geek out on — and the people who create things that we probably should be geeking out on. Tune in every episode for talk about books, TV, writing, gadgets, music, film, and the many things we choose to spend our time on. The podcast is hosted by Mina V. Esguerra and Tania Arpa.

The Five By Five Podcast is the first podcast I listened to which began late last year. This is a local podcast broadcasted live, so it’s enjoyable for the hosts to read tweets of listeners and answer/comment on those spontaneously. Most of the time, they would invite guests ranging from local authors to book bloggers and fans of a specific sport. I always look forward for new episodes, but it’s been a few months since their last episode. I hope they will still continue this interesting podcast.

Dear Book Nerd PodcastDear Book Nerd PodcastDear Book Nerd is a bi-weekly advice show about life, love, and literature. It’s hosted by Rita Meade.

I discovered this podcast sometime last month as I was searching for any bookish podcasts on my iPhone after checking out its Podcast app. Every episode, Rita Meade is joined by a co-host and they would answer two or three topic-related questions submitted by the listeners. I find each episode interesting and insightful that aside from giving out useful advices and tips, the hosts would share their own opinions and experiences. Any listener would easily relate to the topics being discussed. Moreover, it’s so addicting which results to me finishing all the previous episodes in just a week or two.

Book Riot PodcastBook Riot PodcastBook Riot – The Podcast is a weekly news and talk show about what’s new, cool, and worth talking about in the world of books and reading, brought to you by the editors of Book Riot. This is hosted by Jeff O’Neal and Rebecca Schinsky.

While waiting for new episodes of Dear Book Nerd, I started with the Book Riot Podcast. Likewise, I enjoy listening to each episode. I would spend my free time listening and currently, I’m onto the 16th episode (out of nearly 80 episodes and still ongoing!). The Book Riot Podcast is both informative and enlightening. It helps me become up to date with the latest bookish news happening and discover things I don’t know about before. It’s never boring and I always anticipate what the next episode would be about.

Reading Lives PodcastReading Lives PodcastReading Lives is an interview podcast with interesting people who love books. This podcast is hosted by Jeff O’Neal.

I haven’t started yet on this one, but the description looks promising and interesting, so I plan to include this in my podcast subscription. I just hope it’ll be as good and exciting as the others.

So there you have it! If you have other interesting and fun podcasts in mind, feel free to share them with me!


A Moment of Awareness

Last April 13, 2013, I found out that Gary Valenciano will be celebrating his 30th Anniversary in the industry in ASAP 18, a local musical variety show broadcasted by ABS-CBN. I was excited to know about this and actually looked forward to it. So on the day itself, I turned my television on by noon and waited for the show to start.

Once the show began, I was glad I didn’t have to wait too long for his performance number. I didn’t want to miss any detail so I kept my eye on the television the whole time. And lo and behold, during one of the videos shown with Gary Valenciano’s close friends/artists/relatives delivering messages to him, pictures of him are displayed on the screen and one of the pictures used was taken from my blog post about Gary V’s concert LAST YEAR. I didn’t want to assume immediately, since it was merely shown in a few seconds. But I immediately checked my blog if there was any similarities and waited it to be uploaded in YouTube to confirm this breakthrough.

This was the picture from my blog:

Gary V Concert

After a few days, I saw the official video posted in YouTube and this was what I saw which I screen-captured it:

Gary V 30th_YouTube

Posting both pictures side by side, anyone can tell that it’s identical. I wanted to believe that maybe someone had taken the same picture as well, but if you think about it, all angles and lightings were the same. Even the body poses of the subjects were similar. Those details alone proved that the picture was mine.

gary v

I’m not sure who copied the picture from my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I was actually flattered for them to use the picture I took despite the fact that I’m not a professional photographer. However, it would have been better if they informed me or asked permission at the least (I put the blog link on the picture at the bottom and they removed it!). Everything that happened had taken me by surprise. Now I’m not sure if the other pictures were “stolen” from others as well.

So now, the question is, is this considered as copyright infringement? Whatever the case is, I guess I learned my lesson. To protect the pictures we own as we post it online, better make sure to show evidence that they are, indeed, ours. Putting watermarks on pictures can be one solution.

Disney Dream Portrait Series

Are you familiar with this? I’m always a Disney fan and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. Anyway, after having to discover the Disney Dream Portrait Series, I always look forward to new picture shots. All photographs are shot by the ever-famous Annie Leibovitz, featuring celebrities portraying Disney fairy tale scenes. I’m very fascinated with her shots and I can’t help sharing those photos with you guys.


Alice in Wonderland

2007 - Alice in WonderlandBeyonce Knowles as Alice; Lyle Lovett as the March Hare; Oliver Platt as The Mad Hatter

Sleeping Beauty

2007 - Sleeping BeautyDavid Beckham as Prince Phillip


2007 - CinderellaScarlett Johansson as Cinderella

Pinocchio and Disney Fairies

2007 - Pinocchio and Disney FairiesAbigail Breslin as Fira; Julie Andrews as The Blue Fairy

Snow White

2007 - Snow WhiteRachel Weisz as Snow White

The Sword in the Stone

2007 - The Sword in the StoneRoger Federer as King Arthur



2008 - AladdinJennifer Lopez as Princess Jasmine; Marc Anthony as Aladdin


2008 - PocahontasJessica Biel as Pocahontas

Peter Pan

2008 - Peter PanGisele Bündchen as Wendy Darling; Mikhail Baryshnikov as Peter Pan; Tina Fey as Tinker Bell


2008 - Aladdin 2Whoopi Goldberg as Genie

The Little Mermaid

2008 - The Little MermaidJulianne Moore as Ariel; Michael Phelps as a merman


Sleeping Beauty

2009 - Sleeping BeautyVanessa Hudgens as Princess Aurora; Zac Efron as Prince Phillip


Snow White

2011 - Snow WhiteAlec Baldwin as the Magic Mirror; Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen

Beauty and the Beast

2011 - Beauty and the BeastJeff Bridges as the Beast; Penélope Cruz as Belle

The Little Mermaid

2011 - The Little MermaidQueen Latifah as Ursula

Pirates of the Caribbean

2011 - Pirates of the CaribbeanJohnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

2011 - Pirates of the Caribbean 2Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow; Patti Smith as Second Pirate in Command


Haunted Mansion

2012 - Haunted MansionJack Black as Phineas; Jason Segal as Gus; Will Ferrell as Ezra

Peter Pan

Russell Brand Appears as Captain Hook in New Disney Parks Dream Portrait by Annie LeibovitzRussell Brand as Captain Hook



2013 - TangledTaylor Swift as Rapunzel

There you have it! I’m hoping there will be more in the coming months and years. I’m just so fascinated by them. So do you have any favorites? I can’t seem to choose, all are just amazing!

Updated (as of October 12, 2014)

The Princess and the Frog

Jennifer Hudson as Tiana



2014 - BraveJessica Chastain as Merida